Temporary list of UAE Qualified Experts in Radiation Protection

The ‘Qualified Expert’ is a recognised radiation protection professional able to provide authoritative advice to employers on matters relating to compliance with applicable legal requirements and technical standards in respect of occupational and public exposure to ionising radiation.

A comprehensive framework for the creation of the Qualified Expert occupation in the UAE (“National Occupational Standards” and Qualification Process) is under development at the National Qualification Centre with the support of FANR and all the relevant UAE stakeholders.

Until it has been developed, a temporary list of UAE Qualified Experts should be set up, and the Radiation Protection Committee has approved the criteria for the temporary qualification process .

The successful candidates will be given the opportunity to have their name included on the list of temporary Qualified Experts in the UAE, which is published at this link.

If you believe that you meet the criteria and wish to have your name added to the list, you may apply by clicking here .

For additional information, consult FAQ or contact QE-RPO@fanr.gov.ae.

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