Digital Participation Policy

Our e-Participation Policy

FANR is keen to communicate with you. The FANR e-Participation Policy can be found on this section of the FANR website. The policy is intended to state the commitment of both FANR and its customers using the following platforms:  

  • Live Chat
  • Customers Satisfaction Surveys
  • Opinion Polls
  • Social Networking Sites


FANR is committed to:

  • receiving your feedback with the aim of enhancing its services;
  • responding to your enquires in a timely manner through different channels;
  • understanding your enquiry and sharing it with the relevant FANR staff member who has the knowledge to be able to answer your topic adequately;
  • delivering accurate information in relation to your topic; and
  • responding to you with respect and politeness.


Ethics of Public Participation

FANR has the absolute right to omit or prohibit specific types of content. Examples include:

  • comments discussing any personal matter;
  • posting or sharing information that may breach security or pose a security threat;
  • information that does not comply with UAE legislation; and
  • comments that contain inappropriate, abusive or threatening language, or any language that may violate the privacy of others.


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