The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) Electronic Consultation to satisfaction on WASL Platform

The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) is committed develop and improve digital services in a way that meet the requirements of community members through FANR’s official portal “WASL”. WASL is the platform to register, manage, follow up, track, and respond to all the enquiries, complaints, suggestions, and complements. It provides a dashboard for any user to track the cases submitted to FANR. Through the use of FANR WASL Portal, reporting and analysis can improve the whole service experience for the beneficiaries.
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How satisfied are you with the features or services provided on WASL platform?
Based on your first experience in WASL platform. To what extend do you agree on the following statements:
    Ease of registration in Services on WASL platform
    Ease of Service Accessibility on WASL platform
    Ease & Simplicity of Service Application Steps on WASL platform
    Ease & Simplicity of Service Form submission on WASL platform
    Possibility of service tracking status on WASL platform
    How can we improve WASL to better meet your needs and experience?


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