Request To Modify Conduct Of Regulated Activity Due Covid-19 Impact

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In the Description field
Briefly describe deviation from usual operation.
Explicitly state what is foreseen impact on current SAFETY, SECURITY or SAFEGUARDS measures.   
Explicitly state inventory items of concern - include FANR RAN numbers, and change in STATUS if any   
Explicitly state facilities or areas or locations of concern - include modifications to controlled areas and LOFs    
Explicitly state staff names with their roles of concern - who is rendering sources safe / using / operating sources , etc.
Any other information you find important  

In the Justification field
Briefly state reason for the modification of regulated activity,  



Is this request issued under the authority of the originators legal representative?  
Please attach communications from UAE Government Entities that have initiated this request, as well as any other related information that supports it.
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Full Government entity name:
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Government entity reference number
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