Issue import permit for radiation sources and nuclear materials


In accordance with Federal Law by Decree No 6 of 2009, Concerning the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy and licence condition No. 6 on additional authorisation required from FANR, "The Licensee shall obtain a permit from the Authority prior to each import/export of Regulated Material generally authorised by the Licence”. The Import Permit Form can be submitted to FANR for approval by either the licensee, or by the local supplier holding a purchase order from the end user. The permit is valid for 60 days.

Required Documents

Required files

import permit
A copy of the air waybill or the waybill and packing list
Manufacturer's stamped source certificate for each nuclide
Supervised Control Certificate
Controlled Substances Bill
Certification and details for each piece of equipment (when importing equipment containing controlled substances)
Technical Specifications of Radiation Generators (When Importing X-ray Materials / Scanners)
Safety certificate for radioactive materials and equipment and their experience
Carrier's disclosure for transportation

Time Frame

Permits are generally issued within three working days if all supporting documents are in order. Once approved, the permit can be collected from FANR's Radiation Safety Department at FANR's headquarters.

How To Apply

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