Occupational Dose Records Submission


The submission of these records are in accordance with Licence Condition No. 8, “The Licensee shall report each six months to the Authority on a basis acceptable to the Authority the radiation dose received by each worker during the preceding six months”.

Article 24 of FANR Regulation 24 on the Basic Safety Standards for Facilities and Activities involving Ionising Radiation other than in Nuclear Facilities stipulates that, "The Licensee shall be responsible for making arrangements for the Assessment of the Occupational Exposure of Workers, on the basis of individual monitoring, and shall ensure that adequate arrangements are made with approved/ licensed dosimetry services that operate under an adequate quality Management System and are approved by a certifying organisation acceptable to the Authority".

Required Documents

​No supporting documentation is required.

Time Frame

​Dose records must be submitted every six months.

How To Apply

Simply follow the steps below to submit your dose records

1. Prepare a scanned copy of the original Dose Records sent by the Dosimetry Service Provider 
2. Save your file (in .pdf or .jpg format) using the following name format: "FANR licence number" and "the date of the submitted records", for example: FANR 123 - Jan-Mar 2014 
3. Submit your records via the link below: Click to submit now
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