Rules & Regulations

​​​Ensuring the Safety of our Nation

​​​ ​In order to live up to international safety and security standards, FANR sets up stringent rules and regulations that need to be adhered to.

Board Resolutions

​​FANR upholds resolutions made by our Board of Management in the interest of nuclear and radiation safety and security for our nation.  Read​ more

Regulations & Guides

At FANR we create regulations to establish requirements with which all operators must comply. We also develop regulatory guides as a means of providing detailed and specific information on acceptable approaches to satisfying the requirements established in these regulations. Read more


Our Board of Management can grant exemptions to facilities and activities that do not represent a substantial threat to nuclear safety and security.​ Read more

Licences and Regulatory Approval

To ensure the highest standards of radiation protection, FANR has a stringent approval process for licences and regulations. Read more

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