Registration of Technical Services Related to Radiation Safety

Are you looking to provide service related to radiation safety, like safety assessment shielding calculation, provide quality control reports for medical radiation sources, individual monitoring dose records, or any advice or other services in compliance with (FANR-REG-30) requirements?

If the answer is YES, please do make sure to be fully informed about the requirements of (FANR-REG-30), Regulation on Technical Services Related to Radiation Safety, and ensure obtaining appropriate FANR registration certificate or a license authorizing service providing before end of June 2024. We are inviting you to register your application for obtaining approval for provision of service according to the FANR-REG-30 with FANR using the below link at earliest. 

Please start to register your company/business by following the steps below:
  1. Open this registration link,
  2. Download the application form template,
  3. Fill in the application form and its required document
  4. Upload the completed application form in PDF format by pressing Upload file button.
  5. Submit your application by pressing Submit button.
Please use the attached application form guide for guidance.

List of Registered Technical Service Providers related to Radiation Safety in the UAE:

  • The list is subject to change according to the decision taken by FANR related to either the service provider’s performance or FANR’s decision to license or register the service provider of a specific service listed in FANR-REG-30.
  • FANR reserves the right to make a regulatory decision based on the evidence provided by the entities in the list during the regulatory process.
  • Customers of service providers in radiation safety must ensure that the contracted service providers are listed to avoid having difficulties to demonstrate compliance with FANR requirements.
  • From 1st December 2023, FANR will NOT consider in its regulatory process deliverables from existing service providers in radiation safety that do not appear in the list.
  • Please be informed that the list of Registered Technical Service Providers and their associated scope of provision of services is currently under assessment.
For any inquiries, please call: +971 2 651 6644   

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