Supplier Registration

The Supply Chain and General Services Department at FANR is in charge of managing the procurement and execution process of contracts as well as other agreements associated with the acquisition of goods and services that support FANR. Registration on the supplier’s portal known as I-Supplier will allow suppliers to register their company for inclusion in FANR’s Commercial Directory.​​​

​​​As a supplier registered with FANR, you will be able to outline the products and services that your company can provide. If the products and services provided by your company are relevant to any future tenders, the FANR procurement unit will contact you directly with an Expression of Interest (EOI) for you to confirm your interest in participating in the tender.

By registering on I-Supplier, you acknowledge and agree that FANR shall have the right to select suppliers at FANR’s sole discretion and shall be under no obligation to provide any explanation or reason for including or excluding any company. Please note that registering with FANR does not guarantee an invitation to participate in tender opportunities.​​​


Required documentation

Suppliers are required to fill out and submit the following forms prior to initiating business with FANR:​​​


How to submit


​​​Simply follow the steps below to register as a supplier:

1- Download the form: online supplier registration user manual

2- Fill in the form and sign it

3- Submit a scanned copy of the completed form via the link below:

​​​Click to register now

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