FANR Glossary

“FANR Safety, Security, and Safeguards Glossary aims to provide with a comprehensive compilation of all the terms included in the Federal Law by Decree No.6 of 2009 Concerning the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy (the Nuclear Law) , the Federal Law by Decree No.4 of 2012 Concerning Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage, FANR regulations and FANR regulatory guides and their respective definitions. The 2021 Edition of the FANR Glossary is an updated version of the initial Glossary issued in 2011 and reflects the updates in the legislative and regulatory framework of FANR.  This document is developed for information purposes only, the official and authentic definitions being the ones contained in the laws, FANR regulations and regulatory guides as available on the FANR website”

To download the full glossary Click here​

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