UAE Temporary List of Qualified Experts

​This webpage shows the current “UAE Temporary List of Qualified Experts”, and contains names and contact details of those Candidates who have successfully been assessed by the UAE "Radiation Protection Committee in the State" AND who have agreed to the publication of their contact details.

Please note that the Temporary List is continuously updated, as soon as new QE Candidates are approved.
Please allow some days after the approval for a new name to appear on the “Temporary List”.

If you need any additional information on the “Temporary List”, kindly contact .

Temp. QE List n.Full nameEmailCellular phone numberEmirate of residenceDate of publication in the "UAE Temporary QE List"Agreement to website publication
FANR-QE-001Aziz Dhabi01 Sep ,2020YES
FANR-QE-002Osama Sep ,2020YES
FANR-QE-003Auroba R. Latief +971.
Abu Dhabi02 Sep ,2020YES
FANR-QE-004Amjad Waheed Dhabi01 Sep ,2020YES
FANR-QE-005Maryam Abdullah Al 02 Sep ,2020YES
FANR-QE-006Dr. Mohan 01 Sep ,2020YES
FANR-QE-007Raghunathan 02 Sep ,2020YES
FANR-QE-008Shihabudheen Sep ,2020YES
FANR-QE-011Anshul Abu Dhabi01 Sep ,2020YES
FANR-QE-012Laila Ghuloom Ibrahim Hussain 01 Sep ,2020YES
FANR-QE-013Mohammad Aref Rafik Dhabi18 November, 2020YES
FANR-QE-016Martin McGarvey
+971. Dhabi10 December, 2020YES

You can download the List in pdf format by clicking here .

This page has last been updated on 10-DEC-2020 .

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