Working for FANR

​​An Unexpected Career Choice

FANR could be the ideal match for your skills, interests and goals even though you may never have thought about working in the nuclear field. Candidates are not required necessarily to have training or expertise in the nuclear field. FANR can provide you with the opportunity to develop and embark upon a successful career.

Working in the nuclear sector may involve dealing with sensitive information and technology but contrary to what some people believe, it does not imply higher risks than in other popular industries.

You will find yourself, however, in a team-oriented environment where you will be integrated easily into the staff. We support the career development of all employees, and our long-term goal is to transfer knowledge and build a pool of reliable and trusted UAE nuclear expertise.

We’re Looking for a Background Like Yours

If you are an experienced professional with a nuclear background then FANR is the right place for you to share your expertise to benefit the development of the country's nuclear sector. However, nuclear or technical backgrounds are not always pre-requisites for success at FANR. Many may think that because of their lack of expertise in the nuclear sector or lack of a scientific background that they are not qualified to join FANR.

As an institution that believes in pooling knowledge and using all human resources, FANR is open to hiring people with diversified experience and academic backgrounds. We have a strong belief that with proper training and expert guidance, goal-oriented people with high enthusiasm and dedication for work will easily develop the necessary skills.

​​We design specialised programmes and on-the-job training for people with different backgrounds and prepare them to take different careers within FANR. For example, FANR may offer engineers or physicists who do not have a specialisation in the nuclear sector the option to undertake a postgraduate nuclear engineering programme or provide them with other specialised training.

​​You will quickly lay the foundation for exceptional career opportunities through adequate training and by working with experts and industry leaders in the nuclear field.

​​Young professionals with Bachelor's Degree in Humanities can also easily fit into any of our essential fields such as communications, human resources, non-proliferation and others.

So come challenge yourself to grow and explore an exciting industry in the UAE.

​​Women in the Nuclear Field

​​Women in the UAE hold some of the highest positions in the country's decision-making process and currently account for 27.5 per cent of the Cabinet. The country's progressive policy towards women emanates from the philosophy of the UAE founder, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who said, "Nothing could delight me more than to see [a] woman taking up her distinctive position in society ... Nothing should hinder her progress ... Like men, women deserve the right to occupy high positions according to their capabilities and qualifications."

​​FANR has a strong belief that Emirati women can make a significant contribution to the nuclear industry.

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