Training & Development Programs

Employee Training and Development Programmes

We believe in enabling our people to grow in the field of nuclear safety and security

At FANR our training and development programmes have been designed with a strategic approach to allow our people to thrive and build their careers.

Our training and development initiatives are listed below.​​

Leadership and Management Training

A high priority for FANR is to develop the skills and competency of its existing and future managers and leaders, who will come to regulate the nuclear programme in the UAE. A development programme has been designed that includes management and leadership courses both internally at FANR and abroad. This programme is included as a part of our capacity-building approach to allow Emiratis to run the nuclear power programme in the UAE.

Developee Engineers Programme

The Developee Engineers Programme is designed to provide fresh engineering graduates with the fundamental knowledge necessary to understand technical concepts applicable to nuclear engineering and regulation. The specific goal of the programme focuses on assisting the individual to understand the day-to-day duties of the four technical departments in the Operations Division.

UAE Nuclear Scholarship Programme

The UAE Nuclear Scholarship Programme was initiated through a committee created in 2009 by FANR, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) and Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research (KUSTAR). A number of scholarships are granted to Emiratis, who have successfully completed their university or postgraduate education to study at selected universities/ institutes of higher education. These scholarships are provided by FANR and ENEC.

FANR’s role in this programme is to participate in the selection and financing process while ENEC’s role relates to programme registration in coordination with KUSTAR. It is the responsibility of the Director of the Education & Training Department to assess FANR’s future career development requirements for all disciplines and staffing levels based on a five-year plan.

Internships Programme

The aim of our internship programme is to provide interns with exposure to the daily work of FANR and give them the opportunity to support and learn from FANR’s senior staff. Interns accompany our specialists and management to high-profile conferences, to participate in meetings and to contribute to analytical work.

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