FANR’s Statement on Nawah’s announcing Grid Connection of Unit 1 of Barakah Nuclear Power Plant to Generate Electricity

Aug 19, 2020

Since issuing the Operating License in February 2020 for Unit 1 of Barakah Nuclear Power Plant, the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) has continued its regulatory oversight: starting with fuel loading, testing, including the first criticality phase until connecting the unit to the UAE national electricity transmission grid to produce electricity. FANR confirms that Nawah Energy Company (Nawah), the operator, has met all regulatory requirements to initiate this phase. The milestone follows extensive oversight, including regular inspection, to ensure the safety and security of the nuclear power plant.

The connection of Unit 1 to the grid follows the successful completion of numerous safety tests conducted after the start-up of the plant, and with the continued oversight of FANR. Nawah will begin the process of gradually raising the power levels in Unit 1, known as Power Ascension Testing (PAT). Throughout the PAT, Unit 1’s systems are continuously monitored and tested as the unit proceeds towards full electricity production in line with all regulatory requirements and the highest international standards of safety and security.

Following issuing operating license until that phase, FANR’s oversight activities included regular inspection using its resident inspectors as well as deploying inspectors to oversee the fuel loading and the testing processes. FANR is continuously verifying the emergency preparedness and response system as well as monitoring the environment through independent monitoring stations around the nuclear power plant and its Environmental Laboratory.

The phase is another historic milestone for the UAE Nuclear Energy Programme, which will lead to the full commercial operation of Unit 1 planned later this year. Since its establishment in 2009, FANR has issued regulations and regulatory guides, and conducted reviews and rigours inspections to reach this milestone for the region’s first nuclear power plant to ensure its safety and security.

Following the grid connection phase, FANR will continue conducting its regulatory oversight and inspection during this phase, and subsequent phases including full commercial operation to ensure the safety and security of the nuclear power plant as part of its mission to protect the public, workers and environment.


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