FANR Strengthens its Cooperation with South Korean Partners

Nov 11, 2022

11th November 2022, Seoul, South Korea: the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) has concluded a week-long visit to South Korea, where FANR's delegation visited a number of Korean nuclear partners.

Led by the Director-General of FANR Christer Viktorsson, the delegation met with the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission to discuss strengthening cooperation in aspects relating to nuclear safety, nuclear security, and non-proliferation. FANR's delegation toured Saewool 2 nuclear power plant, where they visited the spent fuel pool, turbine hall, and main control room.

The delegation also met with the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, with whom FANR has been cooperating closely in matters relating to nuclear regulation and licensing, in addition to the exchange of operational experience.

Furthermore, FANR's delegation held a meeting with the Korea Institute of Nuclear Non-proliferation and Control to strengthen cooperation in aspects relating to nuclear security and safeguards. The delegation also met with the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute to discuss cooperation in research and development in nuclear regulation.

FANR has been committed to working closely with its national and international stakeholders. In 2010, FANR established cooperation with South Korean entities, which played a role in building the capabilities and expertise of the regulator. 


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