FANR engages with UAE-based Business Councils and licensees explains import, export control

Aug 05, 2019

​The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) held an awareness session of UAE-based Business Councils to shed light on FANR’s role as the nuclear regulator in the UAE and its mission to ensure the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear and radioactive activities in the country.

Over 40 participants representing business councils took part in the session and learned about nuclear non proliferation in the UAE, export and import control as well as FANR’s newly launched NuTech Portal which is the gateway to nuclear and export control. Business councils included Canadian Business Council, Nepali Business Council, Singapore Business Council, British Embassy in the UAE…etc.

Another similar session was held to 90 licensees of FANR to explain nuclear import and export control, licensing requirements as well as the NuTech portal.

Such sessions are part of FANR’s continuous efforts to engage with business communities in the UAE to raise awareness about its role as the nuclear regulator in the country. It also aims to ensure smooth business environment by compliance with national and international commitments in regards to nuclear import and export control.


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