FANR launches its Innovation Week to foster its creative environment

Feb 21, 2021

​The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) has launched this week its Innovation Week that was held from 21 to 25 February 2021. FANR’s Innovation Week aims to complement the UAE Innovates 2021, which is being organized in the same week to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of UAE.

In his opening remarks, FANR’s Director-General Christer Viktorsson underscored the importance of innovation to support the mandate of FANR in regulating the nuclear and radiation industry in the UAE. FANR aims to protect the public, workers and the environment from radiation risks and ensures peaceful nuclear application uses.

Viktorsson added that” innovation is not new at FANR. It is one of It is one of our principles since our setup in 2009. Our regulatory approach and practices that we adopted are innovations emerging from best practices.
FANR launched its innovation strategy in 2019, in alignment with the UAE Vision 2021, where  innovation is part of the pillar ‘United in Knowledge’, which focusses on innovative Emiratis building a competitive economy. FANR’s innovation strategy aims to develop and discover innovative solutions to contribute to its vision to be globally recognized a leading nuclear regulator.

FANR Innovation Week included interactive sessions on fostering innovation in nuclear industry, demonstrating FANR’s staff success stories as well as virtual innovation games.

FANR has recently adopted a number of initiatives to strengthen its innovation culture such as Innovation Accelerator Programme, obtaining first Intellectual Property Certifications for Smart Systems for Customers and Employees’ Happiness. In 2020, FANR staff presented 46 ideas and 25 suggestions to improve FANR’s business mandate.


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