Knowledge Management

FANR Library

The FANR Library, an important component of FANR Knowledge Management, facilitates the availability of detailed information such as books, CDs and documentation. The cyber learning platform is a project developed by FANR, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research to make the UAE a regional hub for the exchange of knowledge in relation to the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes in accordance with the UAE Nuclear Law.

Video Capturing Project

This project is one of the knowledge management capturing tools. Its objective is to capture knowledge from various experts to facilitate knowledge-sharing at a later stage. The system involves capturing and compiling presentations given by experts, which will make it possible for employees to hear and watch important presentations that they could not attend.


As an initiative to share knowledge across FANR’s departments, FANR staff members have conducted several awareness sessions that aim to enhance work performance through knowledge-sharing and sharing best practice methods.

FANR Simulator

The simulator at FANR is a generic, pressurised light water reactor (PWR) computer-based programme, which models nuclear power plant behaviour. It is similar in design to the APR1400. The simulator has two circulation loops, two steam generators and four reactor coolant pumps. The reactor’s total thermal power is approximately 4000MWt, and the turbine electrical power is approximately 1400MWe. FANR uses the simulator for formal training as well as for knowledge transfer (i.e. from experienced inspectors to non-experienced inspectors).

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