FANR Board of Management Reviews Barakah Nuclear Power Plant Progress; approves issuance of a revised regulation on import and export of nuclear regulated items

Apr 14, 2021

​The Board of Management of the UAE’s Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) convened via video conference, where it reviewed the performance of FANR in the fourth quarter of 2020 as well as the progress in implementing a number of initiatives planned.

The Board learned about latest updates of the four units of Barakah Nuclear Power Plant. It reviewed FANR’s regulatory oversight and inspection programme where Unit 1 operated commercially this month to ensure implementation of FANR’s safety, security and safeguards requirements.  Meanwhile, it reviewed the inspection and testing plan for Unit 2 which received the operating license in March 2021. It currently conducts around-the-clock inspection, using its resident inspectors at Barakah Nuclear Power plant and deploying other inspectors to ensure the testing processes are carried out according to requirements.

The Board of Management discussed FANR’s five year Regulatory Plan (2021-2025) where it plans to revise and develop regulations and regulatory guides to streamline FANR’s regulatory mandate in the nuclear and radiological sectors in the UAE. Since its setup in 2009, FANR issued 22 regulations and 22 regulatory guides covering nuclear safety, nuclear security, nonproliferation and radiation protection. In addition, the Board approved the issuance of a revised regulation (FANR-REG-09 (Version 1) on Export and Import Control of Nuclear Material, Nuclear Related Items and Nuclear Related Dual-Use Items). The approved regulation established licensing, control and reporting requirements any entity within the UAE involved in export, import, transit or trans-shipment of regulated items.

Moreover, the Board of Management approved on 30th December 2020 the issuance of the following regulations: the revised regulation (FANR-REG-12 (Version 1)) on Emergency Preparedness for Nuclear Facilities, which specifies FANR's requirements for the licensee's preparation, planning for and response to emergencies at nuclear facilities. It also approved the issuance of the revised regulation (FANR-REG-23 (Version1)) on Security of Radioactive Sources, which establishes requirements for licensees to implement security measures to protect against any security breaches. FANR’s Board also approved the issuance the new regulation (FANR-REG-29 (Version 0))  on the Registration and Licensing of Radiation Sources, which set requirements for licensees in terms of planning, conducting and terminating regulated activities, using radioactive sources.


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