FANR participates in IAEA’s Convex-3 Exercise Preparatory Meeting

Apr 14, 2021

​The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) hosted recently the fourth international technical meeting organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to discuss and review latest preparations for the Convex-3 exercise that the United Arab Emirates will host in October this year.

The meeting was attended by the Competent Authorities of the UAE and Gulf Cooperation Council Countries as well as a number of international organizations.

The meeting aimed to review and discuss arrangements to implement the Convex-3 exercise. The discussion addressed the level participation of different international organizations and countries, meteorological and radiological conditions as well as efforts to further strengthen the scenario of the exercise.

FANR’s Deputy Director-General for Operations Raoul Awad underscored UAE’s commitment towards the effective implementation of the exercise and strengthening cooperation between the UAE government entities and other international organizations.

In October, the UAE will be the sixth country to host the IAEA’s ConvEx-3 Exercise which is a full-scale exercise designed to evaluate international emergency response arrangements and capabilities for a severe nuclear  emergency over several days. All IAEA’s Member states other international organizations were invited to take part in such an exercis.


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