Reporting a Concern About Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Nuclear Security or Safeguards

FANR is established in the law to have regulatory control of the peaceful, safe and secure use of nuclear power and the application of ionizing radiation technologies for the benefit of individuals, society and the environment. FANR's scope includes oversight of nuclear and radiation safety and protection at civil nuclear power plants, medical facilities, in industry and protection of the environment from radioactive contamination.

To perform its functions effectively, FANR stands ready to respond to the concerns of the public, workers and other stakeholders on matters concerning nuclear and radiation safety, nuclear security and safeguards.

Concern or Allegation:
For FANR's purposes, both words amount to the same thing i.e. FANR defines an allegation as "concern about the safety, security, or safeguards of FANR regulated activities including potential violations of FANR regulatory requirements or potential violations of A Federal Law by Decree No. 6 of 2009 Concerning the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy".

An allegation may be made by any individual or organization, a concerned member of the public, news media, current or former staff of a licensed facility, a vendor or contractor. Licensees have the ultimate responsibility for safety, therefore FANR encourages employees to raise safety concerns first with their management. FANR recognizes, however, that this cannot be always achieved.

You can report your concerns to FANR anonymously if necessary.

To report a radiation or nuclear safety, nuclear security or safeguards concern, please follow the guidance below:

If you believe your concern presents an immediate risk to public health or security, you are reporting an emergency situation:
Emergency Concerns
Call the toll-free emergency number on 800 326 7999 to report any of the following:

  • An accident or incident involving radiation that may have an impact on public or worker safety, or
  • The loss or damage of radioactive materials, or
  • Any threat, theft, smuggling, vandalism or terrorist activity related to radioactive materials.

A FANR Emergency Duty Officer is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your phone call.

If your concern does not relate to an immediate risk to public health or environment, you are reporting a non-emergency situation:

Non-Emergency Concerns
Non-emergency allegations are broad and highly variable in nature. A non-emergency allegation may be about unjustified medical exposure, or unjustified irradiation of public for security reasons. The allegation may relate to inadequate environmental protection against radiation hazards or to poor implementation of security or safeguards requirements. Issues like unsafe staffing levels, incorrect documentation or inadequate qualifications are often the cause for concern because they are critical to the assurance of safety and protection.

A non-emergency concern can be reported by sending an email to Please see below for additional instructions:

When making an allegation you are strongly urged to include your contact details, which FANR keeps in the strictest confidence. Please indicate a preferred method for contacting you, should FANR need additional information to address your concerns.

However, if you can’t provide your contact details or feel unable to do so, you may report your concerns by doing either of the following:

  1. Call FANR between 07:00 and 15:00, Sunday through Thursday to verbally report your concern anonymously or
  2. Enter full details of your allegation in the box below. A code appears below the box after you click "Send". This is the unique identifier of your allegation. Enter this code in the FANR Website search field to see the outcome of the FANR investigation of your allegation (in due course).

Thank you for helping FANR to ensure nuclear and radiation safety, security and safeguards throughout the UAE.

Every allegation brought to FANR's attention is investigated to ensure that safety concerns are thoroughly addressed within the shortest achievable timeframe.

If you have provided your contact details you will be kept informed of progress and the outcome of the investigation.

Enter full details of your allegation in the box below.
Please be sure to include the Licensee’s details (if applicable), location(s), relevant dates and a full, strictly factual description of your allegation.

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