Emirati Nuclear Experts leading UAE's future nuclear energy

Sep 12, 2021

The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR), being the independent nuclear regulator of the United Arab Emirates, was setup in 2009 to ensure the peaceful use of all nuclear and radiation sources and maintaining the protection of the community, workers and the environment.   With its vision to be a globally recognized nuclear regulatory, FANR built a robust infrastructure for the UAE's Peaceful Nuclear Energy Programme.

From day one of its establishment, FANR identified the priority that it is necessary to build the capability of Emiratis and invest in their nuclear knowledge to achieve the UAE's energy needs and diversity sources of energy. FANR succeeded in building a network of Emirati nuclear energy experts who are playing indispensable roles in regulating the nuclear sector in the country. FANR adopted a policy to support and empower Emirati youth by developing and implementing a number of capacity building programmes such as the Developee Engineers Programme and Scholarships as well as building knowledge management programmes that contribute to the sustainability of the nuclear programme. 

Moreover, FANR established the Leadership and Management Development Programme to provide a platform for FANR's employees to become leaders to maintain its regulatory functions. Since its launch in 2019, it helped assess 40 of FANR's directors, managers and successors against FANR's leadership competency framework.  

Furthermore, FANR has various programmes to build Emirati nuclear expertise by having the scholarship and internship to further their academic studies in the UAE and abroad.

Today, FANR has the pride of employing over 245 staff of whom 72% are Emiratis. 79 Emiratis are specialized in nuclear functions: nuclear safety and security, nuclear nonproliferation, radiation safety. 43% of Emiratis are holding leadership position.

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