World Quality Day

Nov 12, 2020

Today, the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) marks the World Quality Day, which provides an opportunity for stakeholders all over the globe to shed lights on efforts exerted to ensure quality at work.

Quality constitutes an indispensable element of FANR’s mission in regulating the nuclear and radiation industry. Since our establishment in 2009 to regulate the sector, our vision is crystal clear: to be globally recognized as a leading nuclear regulator. Therefore, quality plays a core factor in providing our services. It complements excellence which is one of our core values. We at FANR embrace both quality and excellence, to ensure we carry out our mission to serve the nation needs.

We concluded today an extensive two-day strategic retreat where we reviewed the impact of our current strategy and discussed the next five year plan covering 2022-2026, taking into consideration internal and external factors that affect our work.

At FANR, we have in place the Integrated Management System to document FANR’s work streams by detailing all the processes and procedures, being its core, support, or management processes. The system has been continuously benchmarked and improved against updates of standards from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in particular  the IAEA safety requirements on Leadership and Management for Safety which is a dedicated management standard for nuclear organizations.

Being ISO certified, FANR’s Quality Management Systems, despite the challenges we face in our line of business and especially in 2020 with Covid19 pandemic, managed to be awarded nine ISO certifications, demonstrating FANR’s robust and quality regulatory systems. FANR was awarded such high-profile certifications in emergency management, business continuity, knowledge management, environmental management systems, occupational health and competency management, information security and its Secondary Standards Dosimetry Laboratory (SSDL).

Such milestones reflect the continuous efforts by FANR to maintain highest standards of quality and ensure we carry out our mission to protect the public, workers and the environment from radiation risks. Achieving quality is a collective responsibility that is shouldered by everyone at an organization level.

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